Let the game begin!!

I love to pinch pennies. Not that you could tell by the title of my blog or anything. My husband got me started on stretching a buck and now it really is an addition for me. I love it. I love looking a the coupons in the Sunday paper. Yes, I am that lady in front of you in the grocery checkout with a gazillion coupons. But you know what, I am saving money and I am LOVING that.

A little about my family. I am married to Christian, the most wonderfulest, nicest, yummiest man, have 3 adorable girls, Caitlin, Lillian and Sophia and I stay at home and do a little home based business here. Not enough to cover bills, just my operating expenses really. We live on a VERY modest income. By modest, I mean, if I didn't use coupons, we would have negative income each and every month. So really, coupons are a necessity for us as a family.

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