Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

We don’t do big parties here. Caitlin got one this year only because she won it at “Take you kids to work day” where Chris works. For Sophie’s birthday it was just us and my dad and his wife. We had such a nice visit, delicious dinner and an awesome cake!

Enjoy the pics!

It’s blurry, but it’s still cute!

Sophie and my dad. He was telling me NOT to do something… it never ends...he still does even though I am grown.

The cake. It wasn’t fancy. Just really good! It was just a doctored up box cake mix and homemade butter cream frosting. YUM!

Don’t mind the garbage or the laundry hamper OR the honey mustard dressing on Sophie’s shirt.  She loves “sauces” as she and Lilly call them.

She blew them out! Good thing she only had 2. It took her a while for just those.

The inside of the cake. RAINBOW! Everyone LOVED it and was so surprised! It was a hit!

Why yes, that is my pizza pan being used as a cake plate. Don’t tell me I am the only one that does that.

Sophie loved the cake! (No she’s not missing her hand, my camera just stinks at action shots)

Lilly loved it too!

I'm a bad, bad blogger...

I don’t do well when my routine gets changed up a bit. With my PC being kaput I am doing everything on my husbands laptop. Easier said than done. I am NOT a laptop girl. I like the bigger keyboards and number keypads!! It takes me twice as long to type anything on here!

Since I am not working at my desk, I am totally lost. My goal this week is to get organized enough to carry on with my weekly totals and such.

I do have pics to post of this past weekend. I made the most colorful cake for Sophie’s birthday. Everyone loved it!

Caitlin is with her Gramps doing all kinds of fun stuff for the whole week. He will bring her back on Saturday, so it’s just me and the babies this week.  Should be interesting. :)


Fried PC for breakfast anyone?


I didn’t think so.

I didn’t either… but that’s just what I got last week. A broken and battered PC that just was too lazy to start up. I worked on it for days… nothing came up.. just a black screen. Not too big a deal since we have another computer, my husband’s laptop to be exact, but ALL the kids pics were on my PC.

I mean thousands of pictures of my kids. And hundreds of pictures of my bows I used to make. Not to mention all of Caitlin’s school work that I just finished downloading but hadn’t finished printing out yet, my budgeting and office software… everything!

Needless to say, I was upset.

Last Monday was not good.

Not good at all.

PC fried.

I am thinking it’s the hard drive. It is 6 year old, of course, so I did get my money’s worth out of it. I am actually kind of surprised that it last this long. When I first got my PC, the hard drive fried within 6 months. Luckily it was still under warranty so they just sent me a new one.

This time though… I am not so lucky.

By Tuesday morning I had lost all hope of getting all my stuff off the fried PC.

By Tuesday night though… I was determined to NOT let my childrens’ pictures be lost forever.

Wouldn’t you know it… my PC came on!! My husband and I quickly began savings everything we could to the many flash drives we have until we could find our external hard drive. (it was still packed up from the move)

We found it and were able to back up my entire PC hard drive!!! I was so excited and relived.

I thought maybe, just maybe I will still be able to use the computer since it did, after all, stay on all night.

No such luck. When the PC re-booted after the back-up…. black screen again.


Week Ending 08/08/09

Not much shopping this week, but we saved a lot on what little we bought!

Total for the week

Shelf Price $34.00
Price Paid $5.00
Amount Saved $29.00

That is a savings of 86%


My dear little Sophie...

… she’s a weird one alright.
  • She loves bread, but not wrapped around her hot dog, aka pigs in a blanket.
  • She loves pork chops, but not BBQ pork.
  • She loves hamburger gravy, but not hamburgers.
  • She loves chicken, but not fried chicken.
  • She loves my homemade tortillas, but not when I turn them into quesadilla.
  • She loves cheese grits, but not plain grits.
  • She loves egg salad, but not scrambled eggs.

I mean… really… what in the world is wrong with her??

Last night… she wouldn’t touch her BBQ sandwich or her corn, but she did eat a whole bun.

She might be weird… but just look at that face!


Menu Plan Monday

Here’s what’s for dinner at our house this week! Want more ideas?? Check out

This week the Menu Plan Monday is being hosted by The Happy Housewife.

I totally forgot to post this earlier. I have been so busy finishing up Caitlin’s school schedule that I completely forgot about it.

Monday – BBQ pork sandwiches on 40 minute buns and corn on the cob (we bought 45 ears July 4th at Target. They were on sale…. 15 ears for $1.05!!)

Tuesday – Creamed chicken over rice, green beans and rolls

Wednesday – Tacos with homemade tortillas, beans and rice

Thursday – Chicken sheppard pie and rolls

Friday – Pizza braid and salad

Saturday – Pinto beans with rice and cornbread

Sunday – Chicken fried rice

This was the first time I have ever made homemade hamburger buns. Let me just tell ya, I will NEVER buy store brand again! They were so yummy and literally take no time at all.

I was so proud of myself, I took a picture of them. Feast your eyes on these!!

They tasted just as good as they look!


Week ending 8/1/09

August already!! This year is FLYING by. It’s already time for school again.

This week we took advantage of a little BST shopping at Walmart. I always check out their book and magazine section up front because they have some really good homeschooling books there. I found 10 books for the girls. (I only bought 9. Yes, I left one there so I didn’t appear greedy, lol). All of them were on clearance for $1.00 each! They are from the makers of Hooked on Phonics and are write-on/wipe-off books. 3 of them even have CD’s to follow along with! Great buy there.

Total for the week

Shelf Price $66.00
Price Paid $25.00
Amount Saved $41.00

That is a savings of 62%