Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

We don’t do big parties here. Caitlin got one this year only because she won it at “Take you kids to work day” where Chris works. For Sophie’s birthday it was just us and my dad and his wife. We had such a nice visit, delicious dinner and an awesome cake!

Enjoy the pics!

It’s blurry, but it’s still cute!

Sophie and my dad. He was telling me NOT to do something… it never ends...he still does even though I am grown.

The cake. It wasn’t fancy. Just really good! It was just a doctored up box cake mix and homemade butter cream frosting. YUM!

Don’t mind the garbage or the laundry hamper OR the honey mustard dressing on Sophie’s shirt.  She loves “sauces” as she and Lilly call them.

She blew them out! Good thing she only had 2. It took her a while for just those.

The inside of the cake. RAINBOW! Everyone LOVED it and was so surprised! It was a hit!

Why yes, that is my pizza pan being used as a cake plate. Don’t tell me I am the only one that does that.

Sophie loved the cake! (No she’s not missing her hand, my camera just stinks at action shots)

Lilly loved it too!

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