Silly Lilly

Oh my word that Lilly is just so silly. She cracks me up all. the. time.

I mean come on! Just one look at that face and you KNOW she is silly!

Chris is off work today and of course, Sophie has been crying ALL. DAY. LONG! Not sure what is up with her, but my goodness! It’s enough to drive a grown woman crazy!

To try and calm Sophie down, Chris decided he would take her to the post office with him. Well, that meant that Caitlin would have to go so she could sit in the car with Sophie. Then of course, Lilly wanted to go as well. I say the more the merrier! Do you hear that???

Shh…. listen!

NOTHING! Not a sound in the house. I have it all to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK sorry about that. It never, EVER happens and I just had to get that out!

So anyway, Lilly wanted to go as well but since she is no longer in diapers, I took her to the potty before she left.

Here’s the conversation between her and me.

Lilly: Do you hear that? Do you hear my pee pee?

Me: Yes! I am so proud of you!!

Lilly: For going pee pee on the potty?

Me: Yes. You are such a big girl and….

Lilly: … and for picking my nose?

Me: Umm… sure! And for picking your nose.

Bless her heart.

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