That is literally how I feel when I don’t menu plan… and as you can tell by my blog, it’s been a while since I have done it.

As you may know, I lost my PC. Which means I am totally lost.

I have my hard drive backed up on an external drive, but have not uploaded it to my husband’s laptop because, well…. he is the computer Nazi. He thinks I put too much “junk” on here as it is. A lot, and I mean A LOT of my menu stuff is on was on my hard drive and I can’t remember what all was on there.

I feel lost.

I haven’t done my weekly totals in FOREVER!

I tell ya, I am just lost on this laptop.

So I am starting over.

I am going to “try” and get my weekly totals and my menu plan done by Saturday, Sunday at the latest.

Try, being the keyword here.

(if you are keeping count, yes I said the word lost 4, oops, 5 times. Thesaurus anyone?

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