So far, so good

When my husband and I decided to homeschool our oldest again this year, I wanted to try out the Florida Virtual School. I had been doing quite a bit of research and thought this was just what she needed to keep her motivated throughout the year. I had been interested in enrolling her during previous year, but it was not available.

This year, it was.

Y'all... this schooling is HARD! I had no idea how much work was involved and how long it would take.

I think the education she was getting at home prior to this year was pretty darn good and we didn't do NEAR the amount of work she has to do this year. We are only on our 2nd full week of school and I am exhausted! I don't have time to do anything anymore. I mean it's not like I ever had time to prop my feet up and eat bon-bons all day before, but now... I couldn't even if I wanted to!

I will admit that today went MUCH smoother than last Monday. That was a doozie! We fell behind in her assignments all week, but she was a trooper and finished them all up on Sunday. She told me she didn't want to start out the week having overdue lessons. *good girl*

That is one of the positives of this virtual schooling... accountability. It's there all right! Emails, live lessons, phone calls... They make sure you stay on track for sure!

She likes it and she is doing very well. So far, so good. :)


Update on the "garden"

It's dead. That is all.

No really. I killed it.

I have NO idea what happened this year but man, I done killed the garden.

Remember how green and promising everything looked? Yeah well, it's brown now. And DEAD!

The end.


My addiction...

... is pizza. I am certifiably addicted to it. I crave it. I mean like pregnant crave it every. single. day.

I crave it for breakfast. Chorizo and scrambled egg pizza sounds wonderful to me! With hot sauce.. oh my.

For lunch... mini pizzas on English muffins. YUM!

Dinner... any kind of pizza that has sauce cheese and topping. Which is pretty much any kind.

I have it bad.

Good thing my kids love it.

Good thing my husband is gone for 6 weeks.

He is NOT addicted to pizza. The big weirdo.

Is it weird that I crave pizza like this? I am curious as to what, if anything, does everyone else crave.


I did it!


I am pleased with myself to say the least. I actually got my domain to re-direct to my blogger account.

AND I did it on my first try!!

I am so glad it worked. :)


Laundry tip

I have been so excited to blog about my recent laundry discovery only to find out that the company does not recommend using this particular product on clothes. Go figure.

But I'm gonna tall y'all anyway!

I love for my whites to be REALLY white. When they start looking dingy, they get used as dust rags or sleep shirts. Whites should be BRIGHT!! My kids however think spaghetti and chocolate milk look best on white shirts... and we all know what fun getting those stains out can be.

I don't like my clothes to smell like bleach. It's just not appealing to me. I couldn't find a way to get those stubborn stains out without making the whole load smell like bleach. Bleh.

That's when I had the *brilliant* (please note the sarcasm) idea of using Clorox Clean-up with Bleach spray. Yeah. the kind you are supposed to use in the bathrooms. It works SO good! I just spray on the item of clothing that needs it, wait about 5 minutes and then throw it into the wash with everything else. TA - DAH!

Bright whites and the whole load doesn't smell of bleach.