Weirdest week EVER!

This week has been one of those weeks you just want to forget. First of all, it had been raining for like 7 days straight so when Sunday came around, we wanted to get outside.

I was outside behind the house trying to get some pics of these birds all gathered around each other. I thought it was strange since they were all different types of birds. Don't they usually stick together... with their own type?? I'm no bird expert... I would have to ask my 10 yr old. But I can't do that... No way am I letting her think she is smarter than me!

So as I am taking pics, of course it start thundering. So the saying goes... "Don't like the weather in FL? Wait 5 minds it will change." It is so true. I got a picture of one of the Great Blue Herons but then just as I was taking another picture, this HUGE crash of thunder and lightning came down and scared the beejeesus out of us. I'm talking HUGE!! We all start running for cover. Granted it wasn't the smartest move... standing under the tallest 2 trees in the backyard while it was thundering. But ya know?? We are parents and we sometimes forget.

Here is the picture before the lightening.... I didn't crop or anything... so yes the junky empty condo is in the picture.

Here is right when the lightening hit. I did not adjust this picture AT ALL. I can't believe the contrast. It was pretty scary. But I am a chicken.

Anyway, as I was running, I forgot that I was down the embankment a little and when I turned around to run inside, I started stumbling and fell right to my knees. Yes embarrassing. All I could think of is that the neighbors must think we are soooo weird. Screaming and running in the middle of the day. What a site that must have been.

I hurt my knee in the fall. Nothing bad, just twisted it a little, but then it started stinging. I thought I must have landed on a pine cone or a wasp or something and got stung. So I pull up my pants leg and feel on the back of my leg and there is a bump. A weird feeling bump. I look at it. Oh my... it's a blue bump. Weird. Never seen that before.

I immediately go take a shower. Why you ask??? Well silly, I need to be clean in case I need to go to the ER. Even though I am hurt... I have to be clean. I call my dad... he tells me I will not die. (Thank GOD) He tells me that even though he is not a Dr. I will be just fine. Aren't dad's the bestest! My Aunt called him after I hung up with him and she told him it was probably a broken blood vessel... that it happened when I twisted my leg. It should go away in a few days.

Well... I am on day 6 and it looks as bad as ever.

What I am about to show you is gross... and weird.

The gross part is my big fat leg... the weird part is the bruise left from my eloquent fall.

This was taken on day 2 or 3. I can't remember. I thought... wow.. it's getting better. HA!

This shot was taken today. Weird huh. I did crop this pic. I have a huge tattoo on this leg and some people may not like tattoos. If you happen to like them... sorry.. I'll leave it in next time... if you don't like them.. well.. it's your lucky day... you get to only see an ugly fat leg and a gross bruise!

OK now onto some seriousness.

Yesterday was the scariest day of my entire life. Chris was off work and Harris Teeter is having triple coupons(yay) so we were planning a trip to the store. I was here at the computer and he was at the vanity. Which is kinda like in a hotel where the sink is in the room, but the toilet and tub are in a separate room. The point is we were BOTH in the room at the same time. I reach up to get my list off the printer and to check on the babies... I turn around for 2 seconds to put the paper on my desk and I hear a loud crash.

Then crying.

Then panic sets in.

The chest of drawers has just fallen on both of my babies. I can not tell you the fear that I had at that very moment. I could only see Lilly. She had somehow managed to get to the side of the chest when it fell. Luckily it didn't fall right on top of her, it hit the laundry basket and was on just half of her. I could not however see Sophie. Chris rushed over and picked up the chest and there was Sophie. I totally broke down. Sophie managed to get wedged in between the chest and some boxes we have not unpacked yet. She got 1 tiny little scratch on her lip. That was it! Thank God she was OK.

We are so lucky that something very bad did not happen. I truly believe that the unpacked boxes and laundry basket saved their lives. If they had not been where they were, I know they would have been crushed. We are planning on anchoring that sucker to the wall. I will NOT let that happen in my house EVER again.

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Wendy said...

See? Now Florida is trying to kill you, too! But it's just not cool of Florida to go after your kids like that...