Awesome park!

While going to a new grocery store last weekend, Chris and I spotted a great park! The parks in our neighborhood are OK, but nothing like this one. It had BIG areas for the kids to run in as well as the regular playground/jungle gym stuff too. Sunday after Dad left, we decided to pack up the gang and head out to the park. It was slightly cloudy and not to hot. Perfect for the park!

Sophia LOVED the swings….

Lilly… did not…She was getting really hot by now.

Sophia, still smiling. :)

Sonic happy hour makes everything better!!

Caitlin’s glasses refuse to stay on her nose. Ugh.

Chris was the only one to order ice cream… he always has to be different…. :/

And by the way... he HATES this picture. He says he's "slouchy" in it. :)

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