Truckers and smoking

**Please note this does not apply to ALL truckers. Y'all know who you are... and so do we. **

Why is it when you hear the word trucker a dirty, smelly, cigarette smoking, pot bellied, flannel wearing redneck comes to mind??

Or is it just my mind?

I love truckers (obviously) but come on guys!! *and some girls* there is really no reason to be grungy and nasty. And don’t even get me started on the cigarette smoking!

Y’all… that’s nasty. As in disgusting. Y’all know that it is and you still do it. Why??? WHHHHHHHY??

Why is it that my husband, who happens to drive teams, can’t even find one driver available that doesn’t smoke.

I know how much the drivers at his company make and I can tell ya right now, they aren’t making enough to support a smoking habit. They are probably barely making enough to support their families.

Quit smoking already. It’s really NOT that hard. I use to smoke. I smoked for nearly 15 years before I quit cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant almost 5 years ago.

Yes I had headaches, yes I gained some weight, yes I had withdrawals, but so what. You knew when you started smoking that it wasn’t good for you and don’t try to tell me otherwise. I knew it at 15 and there wasn’t anything anyone could say to me to change my mind.

And please, for the love of Christ, take a freakin’ shower. If you are so tight on your time that you can’t take a shower at least every other day, you aren’t planning correctly.

Even if you don’t have time to go to the truck stops and wash your whole body, go to a dang rest stop and wash your arm pits and face. Or buy yourself some baby wipes and give yourself a good wipe down. You would be surprised how much better you would feel. And brush your teeth. Please.

You are on the road representing your company! Look good for them even if you aren’t happy with them. This is your job and in this economy, you are lucky to have one.

Take pride in it and wear the title of “trucker” with that same pride. You are after all, what keeps this nation moving. Keep on truckin’!

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