Umm... Hi there!

Long time no see. Boy has this past week been a blur!

First off, my dad came to visit me for my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! And I am so excited because he got me a webcam for my birthday and now he and the girls can skype! It's so much fun!

Second thing, I had a comment game on facebook the same day that my dad got here so I was busy filling orders all weekend long. YAY for business!

I looked on my memory card last night to see if I had a picture or something I could post, only to find out, I haven't taken any!! Nothing, in almost a week! Well I did take pictures of some new products but that was it.

Aren't these so cute!

It's been raining for a week solid and it's just too dark without the sunlight to get really nice pictures inside.

Third and last thing, Caitlin hurt her foot on Monday at school. She bent down to put something in her backpack and this girl and her friend kicked her foot. She had been telling me all week that it hurt but I told her to suck it up. It will get better. Well today she called me from school to tell me she could hardly walk on it. This was 2 pm mind you and I hadn't even taken a shower. What? I'm a stay at home mother... I don't have to shower every. single. day. Right?

I went to get her around 3:30 from school and we went straight to the urgent care. Went right in but were told their x-ray machine was not working and that we would have to go to the other one on our side of town. No biggie. We were told we would just go straight back to have the x-ray done and be out in no time.


2 hours later... Oh they lost our paperwork that was faxed over from the other office AND forgot about us. It's now 7pm. FINALLY we go back to get it done. 10 mins later she's done and we wait for the Dr. ... and we wait... and we wait... for 45 more mins! I had just opened the door to leave when the Dr. was pulling her chart from the door. Guess what... she told us that no one told her we were there....

8:30pm we left that place. We got there at 5pm. 

Guess who's NEVER going back to *that* urgent care?

We still don't know what is wrong. The radiologist will have to take a look at her x-rays tomorrow. I being the medical professional that I am think she may have fractured it. Although she very well may have just pull some ligaments in her foot. Which I personally know is very painful.

So that's my week in a nutshell. Busy, no time for anything. Hope to be back on a regular schedule soon. :)

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Wendy said...

Cute little bow clips!!!

You know, if you're stuck in an exam room and they seem to have forgotten about you, I find the best thing to do is start going through the cabinets and looking for things that will make a lot of noise or shatter when I drop them on the floor. Oddly enough, that seems to get people back in the room quickly.