Saving money at the pump

Do y'all know about this.

Does anyone else even have Winn Dixie around? They must be a southern grocery chain.

Anyway... they have a customer reward card that you scan just like any other store. You get the discounts at the store but get this, you also get a $.05 reduction per gallon of gas for every $50 you buy in groceries.

You need groceries.

You need gas.

You need to reduce the price of gas.

I needed to use up my discount before I lost it. I had 'til the 30th.  (You have to use it or lose it in a certain amount of time)

Wanna know how much I saved at the pump yesterday?

$0.75 per gallon. I know!

And for those not living near here, our gas is $2.73 per gallon. For regular unleaded! Crazy right?

I paid $1.98.

I was actually excited to pay for it. Well sort of...


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Miriam said...

I migrated over from LifeAsMOM's Frugal Friday :) We don't have WinnDixie, but our Kroger does something similar where for every $100 of product (before sales/coupons) you get 100 points which equals $.10/gal. off at their pump. Sadly the points don't stack up... so if I had 200 points, it would still only be $.10 off, but I still try to fill up there as much as possible, especially if the points are about to expire! Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, be it 10 or 100 :)

Casey said...

That's great! Any little bit helps. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Jolene said...

I love it when Giant here in Pa has their bonus gas points in the flyer. There is usually a way to get a couple hundred extra points by buying certain products. I always use coupons to reduce the amount that I am actually spending. Last summer, I ended up paying .27 cents for a gallon of gas filling my tank for just over 3.00 dollars. With gas prices skyrocketing again, I am jumping back in with both feet.

Casey said...

WOW!! Now that’s a deal!

angi said...

what a great deal on gas

Casey said...

Thank you!