What NOT to do in a store...

We took a trip on Sunday afternoon to the circus Wal-Mart. It was a hassle I tell ya! Just getting the kids loaded and unloaded and then loaded into the carts made me have to catch my breath. Whew... I am TOTALLY out of shape.

No, I take that back.

I am in a shape. Round. Too round!

Where was I?

Oh yeah... Wally World...

I get the cart covers on, and head in the big ol' doors. First thing I notice is this "kid" looking the stack of newspapers at the front. He is sitting there reading the comics. He took them out of a paper and is just sitting there reading them. The same comics that my kids likes to read but I have to actually purchase a paper in order for her to read them.

I just keep going past him since really it's none of my business.

So I hit the produce sections next.

Hey! There's that "kid" again! I say he's a kid but he's really like an amazon kid. He looks like Caitlin's age in the face but my word he's a big kid. TALL!!

What's that he has??? A banana? No he did NOT just take that banana off the bunch and start eating it! Where in the world are his parents!?!?!

Oh here comes his dad. He was over at the deli counter... and now I see his mom... she is off getting more bananas since obviously her kid LOVES bananas.

I can not believe he just that whole banana and they didn't say one thing to him about it. The nerve! I would be fuming mad if that was my kids.

Oh no! The dad sees me staring. Look away!


Can I just tell you this... I passed by them no less than 35 more times in the store. I felt like the dad was giving me the evil eye the whole time too.

La de da... I am in the check out line... wouldn't you know it! They are in front of me!

I was behind a lady with a buggy full of groceries so there was no way they saw me... OMG he just saw me!

Both of their kids sat there, the whole time the parent were checking out and not paying attention mind you, reading those little book that are in the check out lanes. Of course the parents didn't actually BUY the books. In the end they didn't really need to... the kids already READ the whole thing!

Now maybe it's just me and the way I was raised, but we NEVER ever did that as a kid. Wooooo my dad would have yanked us up by our ears and taken us outside, spanked us and then expected us to stop crying right away so we could go back in the store. You just don't do those kinds of things!

I mean really... isn't that stealing?

I know the banana is stealing, but don't you consider reading the magazines and books at the store stealing too? Maybe I am overreacting or maybe it just rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know.

What I do know is that it bothered me. If those parents don't see that it's a problem know, when will they see?

As we were headed out the door, there they were again. I can't get away from these people!

On the back of their car was a big bumper sticker.... "I Believe". They also had several "fish" symbols on the car.

They are Christians. Or at least they want people to think they are Christians.

I hope when someone sees our family and then finds out we are a Christian family, they don't have the same negative reaction as I did to this family.

I will be praying for this family tonight.

4 people had something to say:

Helen said...

Okay, I don't eat a banana before I pay for it.
But I do skim a magazine before I buy it. The cover always looks so appealing. "12 ways to organize your closets in 15 minutes or less...". Then you open the magazine, and find that it is more like an advertisement for expensive organizers than advice on how to organize. So yes, I do look before I buy. The same thing with a book. Unless I am familiar with the author and already know I want to buy the book, I will read a few pages (up to a chapter) to decide if I want to buy the book. I don't consider this stealing. I consider it examining something in order to determine if I wish to buy it.
I know, that is not what the kid was doing. I am just saying that if you saw me in the Barnes and Noble Cafe, you might not be impressed with me either...

Casey said...

I usually don't skim pages of a magazine, only because I don't buy them in the stores. I buy them all online. But you are right, that's not what those kids were doing. The big kids was literally reading ever single page.

Now if I saw you doing this in a book store, I would think nothing of it. I mean come on... they even have comfy seats there for you to read. :)

Wendy said...

People who do that really bug me, too.

Casey said...

Whew... glad I'm not the only one. Feel better soon girlie.