What we did over the weekend

It took a little more than five years of living here, but I finally caved and took the kids to the zoo. The last time I went to the zoo, Caitlin was 5 and we hadn't moved here yet. We went during the week so it was not too busy but it was so HOT!

This time we went on a Saturday. It was packed and not too hot. Upper 70's.

Here are some pics from our trip.

Um... I'm over here Lilly. What are you looking at?

What are you looking at Sophie?

What in the world are y'all looking at??

I was just looking back through this post because I have OCD and don't want to have any spelling errors to admire my beautiful children and noticed something... They are not looking at me. What in the world? Honestly I have no clue what they are looking at. They are just weirdos.

The cruise ship was in the terminal. I have never been able to drive by here and catch the ship at dock.

As we were leaving, the boat was headed back out to sea. Photo courtesy of Caitlin. After she took this picture, I told her to roll the window down and wave at the people as we drove over the bridge. Not sure if anyone saw us or not.

I have lots more pictures. If you want to look at them, I have uploaded them to my flickr page.

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