Easter Weekend/Spring Break

Last Wednesday could not have soon enough! Caitlin was to start Spring Break the following day and I think I was more excited than she was.

I like my sleep. I REALLY like my sleep and with Chris' driving schedule lately, I hadn't been getting enough sleep.

I planned to sleep in a little on Thursday and then head to my dads' house for the Easter weekend.


Of course it didn't work that way. Late Wednesday night my engine light came on. Ugh. I just had my car worked on the last time I visited Dad. At least I was headed that way and since he lives in a really small town, I know the people working on my car and completely trust them. Heck I went to school with them. :)

So I not only had to get up early on Thursday, I had to get up early on Friday too! My appointment was for 8am. The good news, is that my van is fixed and good as new. I even had it back before the end of the day. Can't beat that! Oh and I even caught a quick little nap in the afternoon. I needed that!

Dad has the most gorgeous yard. He takes extremely good care of his lawn, shrubs and all things landscaping. Here are some pictures of his Red Bud tree in full bloom. Talk about gorgeous.

I love the sky in this one. It's not the best shot, but the contrast of the bright blue sky and the pink flowers is gorgeous! This is a straight out of the camera shot. No editing other than resizing.

Here's Lilly showing me her weeds flowers.

Sophie just turns her head now when I try to take a picture. I sure hope it's just a phase.

She will let me take her picture while running and screaming around the yard.

Just some random shots from our visit.

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