Totally and utterly random

Do you ever just run out of stuff to say? I have sat here looking at this cursor blinking for over an hour.

Thinking of what to say...

I don't know what direction to take with this blog. A lot has changed over the year.

I do still pinch pennies, but it's in a totally different way.

I rarely clip coupons anymore.

I shop once, maybe twice a month, if at all.

I have such a good stockpile of food here, I only need to purchase milk, eggs and cheese.

and you know what... I love it!

With Chris being gone 5 to 6 weeks at a time, I don't get any alone time without the kids. I know that sounds like I am trying to pawn my kids off on someone, but taking kids to the grocery store is NOT my idea of fun.

2 buggies + 3 kids = no fun for mom. ( At least for me)

I am now going against everything I once did. My rules were no shopping on the weekends, don't buy it if I don't have a coupon, only buy if on sale, etc.

I ONLY shop on the weekends now. It's just easier to have Caitlin helping me and since she is in public school now, she isn't free during the week.

I don't even buy Sunday papers anymore. I used to buy at least 5. Too time consuming now for me.

I do still try to buy only if on sale, but I now buy what my kids will eat and if it's not on sale, oh well. Some thing else will get cut from the list.

I need to get back into the habit of menu planning. That really helped me out when I was doing it, especially on the weeks that Chris leaves. My brain turns to mush for about a week after he leaves. Just trying to get back into the swing of things wears me out. I mope around for a few days feeling sorry for myself and crying up a storm. But then I usually snap out of it and realize I have been feeding my children pure junk and I had better get my tail in gear and get with it!

My get with it day was yesterday and today.

Yesterday : Cleaned my kitchen. It was a mess. My hands are now a mess from all the dish washing! Also get meat from the freezer for this week.

Today : Caitlin was sick so she stayed home from school and helped me clean up a little and we started her science fair project. I made crock pot red beans and rice, 2 loaves of buttermilk bread, browned 6 lbs of ground beef, made a pot of tea, went to the bank, CVS to buy milk, swept, cleaned all the dishes from today and am now relaxing.

My neighbors were out walking their dog this afternoon and stopped to chat for a minute. They noticed our garden on the back porch. We live in a condo so there isn't room for an outside garden so we had to improvise.

We have big pots for our veggies this year and I couldn't be more excited!

We planted straight neck squash, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, heirloom tomatoes (in our topsy turvy), yellow tomatoes, basil, cilantro, culantro, and rosemary. I still have to plant the parsley. They couldn't believe we had all that growing on the back porch!

Back porch = screen lanai to y'all city folk. :)

I mentioned that a few weeks ago I bought a flat of strawberries from the farm stand and made strawberry jam. I offered them a jar and they were more than happy to take it. Y'all it's so good! So sweet and yummy! I also gave them a loaf of the buttermilk bread.

Gosh well, this post rambled on about nothing....

Sorry for being so random. My mind is just getting out of the mushy stage 'ya know!

So if you made it to the end.... here is a picture of the little ones pretending to be birds. The magnolia leaves are of course the wings. :)

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Wendy said...

Well, I'm glad to see that you finally posted. I worry about you when I don't hear anything. Sorry you've got mushbrain. You know what would make that better? Moving to WA. Just sayin'.

Do they have the grocery carts that have cars attached to them (for the kids to ride in) at your store? Loved those when my daughter was smaller. She'd still go in them if she could fit. Made grocery shopping so much easier.

And have you thought about having the kids help you clip coupons? The little ones could use safety scissors and you can give them the coupons you don't actually plan on using so they can "help" without the possibility of good coupons getting cut to shreds. Good for fine motor skills, too.

Oh! And speaking of the Topsy Turvy (which I have 3 of, but only 1 has stuff growing in it) - I found a craft site that shows how to make homemade ones out of 2 liter soda bottles! If you want the link, let me know. I'm gonna make some up. Maybe even plant something in them.

Do you drink coffee? Used coffee grounds work really nicely as an exfoliant on dishpan hands.

So now that I've solve all of your problems (Riiiiight.), if you're feeling droopy please feel free to email me. I'm here for ya! Even if here for ya means being thousands of miles away.

Casey said...

WOW! I am totally impressed Wendy! You have a plethora of knowledge don't cha!

I have seen a a few of those carts you are talking about, but they are always either dirty (and I mean NASTY), left outside so they are really HOT or totally wet. I use them occasionally at Wal-Mart if they aren't too bad.

Not sure if you have noticed this about me, but I am a control FREAK. This includes clipping coupons. I have to have them all lined up and straight and well, the kids usually clip off half the bar code. I need to learn to let loose.

YES! Send me the link for the bottle planters! What a great thing for the kids to do. They will love you forever! Yeah you should plant something... it helps to actually do that. ;)

I do drink coffee and never knew that about the grounds! Thank you!!

Debby said...

Hi! Just came across you blog and wanted to say "hello". I have a husband who is frequently gone for weeks at a time as well and we have two small kids. It is hard, and I totally feel your pain. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!!

Casey said...

Hi right back at ya Debby! Thanks for stopping by. It is very difficult! I didn't think it would be this hard but it really is. I just have to keep myself busy.

Thank you for the encouragement. It truly means a lot.

Wendy said...

Okay, here's the website for the planters:

Have fun with it!

Casey said...

Thank you!

Libby said...

Hey! I just found your blog through iammommy. Isn't she just great! When I was reading your post i just had to comment because recently I started something on my blog that might help you with meal planning. I have a button on the right side of my blog called "this weeks recipes" that you can click and it will take you directly to my meal plan for the week. I will upload a new set of recipes every week. They are all healthy meals too! You can pick and choose thru the menu or you could print the whole thing off and then all you have to do is go shopping. Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for all those mommas out there and it also keeps me accountable for making my meal plan every week. Anyway if you are interested take a peek at it. :) hope it helps!