But I DID use a level… AND a RULER!

I take lot of pictures. I mean LOTS of them and I never seem to print them off and actually do something with them.

That’s all changing though.

Recently when pilfering through some junk impeccably organized drawers, I happened upon some photo paper. Letter size, high gloss, Kodak photo paper to be exact.

I printed off about 10 photos I really liked. Bought some el’cheapo frames from the Dollar Tree and hung them up.

I must say I was VERY proud of myself. I snapped a quick picture with my cell and sent it to Chris. I just knew he would think it looked awesome.

It looks good for not using a level and a ruler” was his EXACT response.

I think a little piece of me died right there because you know what….

I DID use a level… AND a RULER!

See for yourself. The tops of each are level. I promise!

I think the reason they look a little wonky is because the red and black frames are slightly different. I think the red ones may be just a little smaller, hence the crooked look on the bottom.

But can you believe what he said!! Grrrr… the nerve!

I messaged him back.

Um… I did use a level and ruler

His response??

HA HA…. funny

I know! (I am imagining you with your jaw on the floor like mine was… just humor me, will ‘ya!)

So what do you think? Is it really that laughable?

I have more to hang up too. Maybe this time I won’t use a level and ruler just to see how they come out. I’ll keep you posted!

2 people had something to say:

Bethany said...

lol!! You have one of THOSE husbands too? Thanks for the reminder too, I NEED to print some pics!

By the way, I think the wall and pics look great!

Casey said...

Oh yes I sure do have one of THOSE husbands. lol

I looked at some of the REALLY old pics on my laptop and they are from when I got my first digital camera... way back in 2004. Oh my word those pics are terrible!

And thank you! I like the way the wall turned out too. :)