J.O.B. update

Still no word on a new job for Chris. He has applied at several companies but since he has just under 6 mths, he will need a little more experience with most.

He has been getting call backs, which is GREAT! No one ever really called him back earlier in the year. That's a good sign!

We are hopeful that he will be back in a truck by next week... well, at least in an orientation next week. We have a few more places that we are interested in him applying for.

The kids and I have really enjoyed him being home this past week and are looking forward to having a few more days with him. I love having him home, but I am really ready for him to get back out there and drive. He misses it. And of course we miss the paychecks...

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Todd McCann said...

You know I have to say it. Told you so. I'm so stinkin' immature. LOL!

Seriously, glad Chris found another job. Just think, in six more months his options will open up even more. Cha-Ching!!