Maybe I'm bitter. Maybe I just know what I am talking about. Maybe I don't have a clue.

You make the decision.

I am 100% certain that most people don't have a clue about what sacrifices are and how to go about them.

I am 100% certain that giving up satellite radio for a month does NOT constitute as a sacrifice.

I am 100% that if you can't make ends meet with 2 adults working at home and no daycare expenses for your 2 children because your mom watches them for you while you work and whenever you want just so you can go out to dinner and drinks with friends every other weekend and any other time you just want "alone" time, you don't have a freaking CLUE about making sacrifices.

OK so maybe I sound a little bitter. Maybe I am a little bitter. But when someone tells me they are having a hard time making ends meet and I know there are things that can be cut out of their budget, it makes me cringe.

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