Long time no see

My poor neglected truckers wife blog...

I try to write on here, I really, REALLY do. But I will let you in on a little secret. I don't have time to blog!!

It is so very annoying. No time to just sit around on my butt all day typing or surfing the web. No time to prop my feet up and eat Bon-Bons either.

Seriously, the reason I don't post more is:

  1. I hate my husbands job

  2. I have 3 kids at home 24/7

  3. I hate my husbands job

  4. I was homeschooling my oldest up until I had a nervous breakdown because...

  5. I hate my husbands job

So as you can see I am not very fond of him being away cause get this... I actually LIKE being around my husband. *GASP*

I know... hard to believe in this day and age but I do. I really do like being around him. Not only do I like him, I love him. More than anything. And that makes me miss him more that you will know. More than he will ever know.

This last time when he left has been the hardest on me. I'm not sure why but I think it's because he was home for about a month while he was job hunting. I got used to having him around. The kids got used to him being around. And we LIKED it!

I am so ready for him to be home again. He has been gone since the 7th of August and I don't expect him back before the 22nd of September. After that he will have to find a partner unless his company finds him one.

Have a mentioned I hate his job? Lord I hope this gets better.

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Todd McCann said...

This is one of those things about having a trucker in the family that must be dealt with. Both parties in a relationship have to be on board, or it simply won't work over time. The problem is, as you're finding out, there's no way to really know if the both of you can handle it until you're actually doing it.

Jobs are scarce. We all know that. The two of you being apart might be necessary right now. The Evil Overlord and I are going through the same thing, as evidenced in my latest blog post called "Sucking it up."

I'd love to tell you that this will get better, but for the time being, the only way that will happen is if you get used to him being gone again or he quits. If you two can stick it out, things may get better as Chris gains experience. The more experience he has, the better chance of getting a local or regional job that will give him more home time.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Just thought I'd assure you that you're not alone in missing your spouse. Even though The Evil Overlord is a handful of pure evil, I miss her every day and will continue to do so until the day I go home for good.

For now, keep on venting. Blogs are good for that. I find that it feels good to voice my opinion in writing, even if no one ever reads it. But someone is always listening. And you and Chris know where to find me if you ever need any help. Seriously.

And hey. Welcome back.

Todd McCann

fltruckerwife said...

OMG I am such a wimp. Your comment made me cry! It's always nice knowing there are other people that ARE going thru the same things as us. Just knowing we are not alone is a big help.

I'm going to ignore that comment about TEO being pure evil. :)

And thanks! I plan on posting more.