Precious hometime

I was just informed last night by my husband that his biological father wants to come visit him when he is home next.

I told Chris I didn't like that idea to which he replied by saying I was cold-hearted and then hung up on me.


First off I am not cold-hearted. I know he wants to spend time with his dad. I mean he hasn't spent any real time with him since he was like 5 years old. I get it. I really do. I just don't think the time to "find your father - son relationship" should be the first time you are home after being gone for 8 weeks.

This next hometime should be spent with us, his wife and his children. Is that so wrong of me to want?

I don't think it is. I think he owes it to us. To me. I know that makes me sound like a whiny little brat, but my job is difficult too. I deserve a break when he gets home. I shouldn't have to play hostess to someone I don't even know. That HE doesn't even really know.

The {short} time that he is home is precious to us and when we have to share that time with others... well... let's just say I don't do so well with sharing my time with him, with others.

While he has been gone this year he has missed my birthday, our anniversary, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, all 3 kids birthdays and numerous milestones with the little kids. We have some ground to make up while he is here!

So it's not that I am being cold-hearted. I just don't think that NOW is the time to host a long lost family member.

Am I overreacting?

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Todd McCann said...

Oh boy. Sorry, but I'm not touching this one with a ten-foot tire thumper.

fltruckerwife said...

Oh come on. You know you wanna. Nudge, nudge....