Our “Garden”

I shared what all we planted in our “garden” a couple of posts back but It’s not really a garden, garden, more like a container garden. I wanted to do a table top garden but we ran out of time when my husband was home last time. So containers it was!

Check this thing out! It’s growing like cah-ray-zee!

It’s a cherry tomato plant and it’s the fastest growing plant I have!

Behind the cherry tomato plant I have a container of straight neck squash growing. It’s FAST too.

Here’s one little guy who just made an appearance over the weekend.

So far there are about 30 blooms on here. Looking forward to some tomatoes!!

Then we have the upside down tomato plant. It’s housing an heirloom tomato plant. Yum.

No blooms on this one yet. See those 2 hanging baskets in the back? I’m gonna put tomato plants in those too. When my Dad was here weekend before last, he hung up 3 more hooks for me. I have 2 jubilee tomatoes to put in there.

Can you guess what this is?

I’ll give you a hint.

You have probably NEVER heard of it before. How’s that for a hint. ;)

It’s culantro and it’s muey delicioso! Kinda like cilantro on steroids in terms of flavor.

Here’s my pepper plants. They are in a container with 2 tomato plants until I can get the tomatoes out of there. I left them outside yesterday when we had a HUGE storm come through so they are a little beat down at the moment.

Have you ever done this to your plants?

I had to put sand over the soil because of the gnats that were swarming. I did some research and I think they are called fungus gnats. They like the damp soil and they really go to town on your roots. The gnats were also getting into the house and driving me insane. Gnats be gone!

This is what it looked like outside my house yesterday evening. The huge storm came through very early yesterday morning and then it stayed pretty much cloudy all day.  The clouds started rolling in again while the sun was setting. It was such a weird shade of orange.

So pretty though. Surreal looking.

6 people had something to say:

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You're going to have so many tomatoes!! Yummy.

Casey said...

I forgot to take a pic of my basil. Talk about a lot of stuff! I need it for my tomato sauce though. Yummy indeed!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful picture! ANd I LOVE fresh grown tomatoes... we wont have them for another 2 months! :)


Wendy said...

I've never even heard of putting sand on top of soil like that. Funky! Your tomato plants are doing much better than ours. Want to know why? Because my husband still hasn't bought any tomato plants for us. Yeah.

Casey said...

Girl, you better crack that whip! Get than man a plantin'!!

Casey said...

Thank you! It will be a few months before we have some as well. Can't wait!