Science Fair and Open Houses

It’s science fair time at Caitlin’s school so she has been working on it for about 4 weeks now.
She decided to do an experiment on which soil will basil grow best in. We used red clay, dirt from the backyard and potting soil. Of course she knew which one would do best but what she didn’t know was just how much the different soil would affect the plants.

Take a look. Here’s all 3 together.
What a difference huh?

She started the seeds in those little soil pellets and then transplanted them to the different soils. We were so careful to make sure the experiment was accurate, that we even rinsed off the pellet soil before planting them in their respective soils.

Here’s the outcome of the red clay

Here’s the outcome of the dirt.

And here’s the outcome of the fertilized soil.

So like I said all in all it took about 4 weeks. 2.5 weeks to start the seeds and get them big enough to plant and then in the different soil for about a week and a half. We had no idea that the red clay would just kill the plant so I think that was the biggest surprise of the whole experiment.

We also attended an open house on Tuesday night. It was at an awesome Christian school here in town. We actually a little out of town. Actually is ALLLLL the way across town from us. At least 30 mins to get there. All interstate. Traffic. Boring.
That is gonna be the deciding factor I think. There are lots of other schools that are closer to us, but they don’t offer all the extra resource classes that this school does.
Since I absolutely do NOT want her attended public school next year, we have to consider funding. That means work for me. But not work as in office work. I’m gonna set up my Etsy again and start selling dresses, bows, skirts and anything else I can possibly make. It’s gonna be a BUSY summer for me!

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