And then it got real quiet

My house is LOUD… I mean really, really LOUD. I can barely hear myself thinking it’s so loud. So when it gets quiet, I have to find out why. Usually 1 of 2 things are taking place. Either cartoons are on, or there is a mess somewhere that the babies have made.

Today, it was the latter of the 2. I knew I shouldn’t have given Caitlin the markers. She uses them for all of 5 minutes and then finds something else to do. Of course, it’s too hard to pick up the markers and put them away. 10 year olds have so many more important things to do during the day then clean up after themselves.

*ahem* sorry… whole ‘nother post someday. :)

It got quiet today. Eerily quiet.

Nope not 3pm. PBS kids would not be on yet. That means only 1 other thing. BIG MESS.

Lilly came in first with her hands behind her back. That of course is never a good sign. I knew they hadn’t gotten into the make-up again. That was on my desk. Paint?? Nope.

Here comes Sophie, screaming of course. Her hands are covered in markers.

See Lilly’s “lipstick”?? She just wanted to be like her mommy.

“Mommy, I look pwetty?” she asked.

“Beautiful” I answered her.

Hey, at least she got it right on her lips. With no mirror I might add. That’s my girl.

Pay no attention to the HUGE bruise on her head. Last week we painted and I put down a sheet over the tile for easy clean-up. Silly Lilly forgot the “No Running” rule and slid on the sheet. She face-planted the tile floor.

Poor baby.

Oh and this is after she ran into the door frame the week before. She was pretending to be a monster or something and had her blanket over her head when she ran smack into the frame. That bruise was just slightly left of the one you see here.

As you can tell, good manners, poise and grace runs DEEP in our family.

I think my kids will get helmets for Christmas this year.

If you don’t read Wendy’s blog then I highly recommend it. That means you Beth! Go read it! Seriously.

Thanks for making urging me to post Wendy. :)

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