I'm ready! Just bring it!

That’s it… I am officially asking for “it”.

What “it” is, I don’t know, but bring it on! I will get through it and I will survive!

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago. Our neighbors car got broken in to. They took his GPS system. That was it. It’s an older car and I guess they figured it didn’t have an alarm. Easy pickens, I’m sure they thought.

We learned that a few days prior to that, the neighbor caught some kids looking in all the car windows in front of our building and even some house windows. I didn’t see them looking in mine, but if I did catch them, I can assure you they would no longer have eyes. :)

Well fast forward to this past Sunday. We had to pick up some thing from the grocery store and of course it was late. I don’t like going anywhere after dark here. It’s too scary for me. I’m a small town girl living in the big city so I am out of my element. It doesn’t bother Chris. He is from NYC so this is like Mayberry to him.

When we got home I carried 2 bags of groceries and Lillian, Chris got Sophie and I have no clue what Caitlin brought in. Anyway, we left the 12 pack of soda on the floor of the van. We were coming right back.

Guess what!?!?

Someone TOOK our soda from our car while we brought our children in the house. OMG. I am just in shock. I mean, come on… soda??? It was 2 bucks for Pete’s sake! 2 bucks!

I just can not get over the fact that someone would stoop so low. I feel ultra violated too. We have 2 car seats in the van. Who would steal a 12 pack of soda from people with babies?? What is this world coming to??

At least they have good taste and like the same kind of soda as me.

Aren’t I lucky?? And we live on the “good” side of town. Sheesh…. Don’t be jealous. :)

PSA: Do NOT move to Jacksonville FL. I repeat, do NOT move here!

Carry on.

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