Starting a family tradition

I am ashamed to say that we have not eaten dinner together... at the table... in over 3 years. Caitlin has to sit at the table all by herself and I feel just awful. Terrible. It really makes me want to cry sometimes.

We don't have room at the current table nor do we have enough chairs. She broke them... while leaning back in them.... a while back and we just never replaced them. She and I were talking while I was cooking dinner tonight. It was storming and we were talking about having the flashlight ready and also needing to get some candles when we move to our new place.

Then she had the idea of having candlelit dinners. She was all... "We can save electricity and it would be like we were in a restaurant Mom!" I absolutely LOVE that idea!! I told her we can start doing that as a family tradition. I am so excited about moving into the new place. I can hardly wait to start on our new family traditions.

I am so excited... I even started a list... just so I won't forget. :)

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