A little catching up

I had such a great visit with my dad while he was here. We went to see some family that lives nearby and had a blast! They have an orange tree and Caitlin decided she wanted to pick all the oranges. Needless to say, I had better learn to make orange jam and marmalade! She must have picked 20 pounds!

Yesterday we were without power for a good chunk of the day. Our upstairs neighbor has a HUGE fish tank and it decided to leak... into our house... and onto our breaker box. Can you say fried! Yeah... salt water and electricity DO NOT mix. :)

Since it was so late when we got our power back on, I took the girls out to eat. Zaxby's! I love that place.

I totally forgot my menu this week. I have 2 freezers, 2 pantries and a fridge full of food so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out a plan. I keep telling myself I can't slack on the menu plan... it keeps me sane!

We are loading up and heading to my dad's this weekend. Gosh I haven't been over there in nearly a year. I'm a bad, bad daughter. Caitlin is going to miss 2 whole days of school! She is excited.

OOOOoooo I got a new CAMERA! I am so excited! I have been using a little ol' point and shoot Kodak. Bleh... It took awful pictures. So I bought this. Night and day I tell ya! Now to just sew myself one of those cute little camera strap covers.

And because I am sooooo excited about my new camera... I'm gonna post some pics I took this weekend of Sophie. Let me just tell you this. She NEVER lets me take her picture. She ALWAYS runs from the camera. Well, yesterday she sat still for me and these are the results.

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