Menu Plan Monday

Since I am getting back into the swing of things, I have my menus all made up and ready to go! What a relief. Whew.

Monday - Lima beans and ham over rice, cucumber tomato salad, 40 minute rolls

Tuesday - Saucy broccoli chicken bake, carrots, leftover rolls

Wednesday - Homemade Hamburger Helper, green beans, mandarin oranges

Thursday - Farmhouse chicken, broccoli, fruit salad

Friday - Out for dinner?? Not sure. Have company coming.

Saturday - Spaghetti with meat sauce and french bread

Sunday - Leftover buffet or sloppy joes and tater tots

For more great menus, hop on over to Menu Plan Monday on Orgjunkie. com

Update: I had to change up tonight's menu. I forgot I have over 1/2 a spiral ham I need to use up before it goes bad. I cut all the meat off the bone and will throw that bone in with the Limas. Gonna put the rest of the ham into freezer bags for another meal down the road.

2 people had something to say:

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great menu to me!! Loved how your hubby went a got a ring... that is a sweet, sweet gesture!


Casey said...

Thank you Amanda! He did really good picking gout the ring too. It's so nice looking. Of course I am slightly biased. :)

Blessings to you too!