Sunsets on the First Coast

As much I as complain about living here, it really is a gorgeous city. There is water all around us. Beach to the East, rivers to the North and West. Heck we even have a pond out in the back yard.

Before my husband left to go on the road, he went downtown. We don't normally go downtown. It's just not convenient. We have everything we need within a 5 mile radius of our house.

He went for a meeting but while waiting for it to start, he took a few shots of the downtown overlooking the St. Johns River.

Gorgeous colors.

I love all the different things in this picture. Love it!

Here is another sunset we saw. This one was coming back from grocery shopping one evening. It was so pretty. The pictures just do not do it justice. We actually pulled over to watch it! Now that's a pretty sunset.

4 people had something to say:

Amanda said...

You are absolutely right... they are gorgeous. And I LOVE that your hubby took the time to take pictures. And I LOVE that you pulled over to appreicate Gods beautiful glory in the gorgeous sun set!

You are awesome!


Kate said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I WISH I could take pictures like that :-)

Casey said...

Thank you Kate.

Casey said...

Thank you Amanda! They were so gorgeous. I wish my picture taking abilities were better so they could have been shown in all their glory. :) God does do great work!