A little weekend getaway

I am loading up the girls in the morning and taking them over to see my dad. I am really going over there to get the car fixed. It's been acing up for a while now and it just seems right to get it fixed now.

Why wait and then have to buy another car.

This one is almost paid off! YIPPIE!! Only 4-5 payments left!

Since I more than likely won't be posting anything until I get back next week, I leave you with this.

Seriously... could she be any cuter?

That little lamb goes everywhere she goes.

(It's dark and rainy today so the picture turned out all grainy from the high ISO. Bleh.)

P.S. I got those boots on sale and she hasn't taken them off. I think she even wanted to shower with them on. I thought they were $7.00 but rang up at $3.50! Score!

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