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I am up to my ears in ribbon. My dining room looks like WW3 just took place and it left all it's crap for me to clean up after wards.

Speaking of which, am I the only person that feels weird saying crap. I see a lot of bloggers saying that and I think nothing of it. Until *I* type it. Then I feel like my Dad is standing over my shoulder saying "Casey, crap is not a very Christian word to say". It's true. My oldest doesn't say it. She calls it the "C" word.

Is "crap" not a nice word? I like it better than the alternative.

I have a very foul mouth. I do. Whew I feel better getting that out there.

I let WAY too many words slip. I'm not perfect and it's something that I am working on.



I have been making some new items to go in my Etsy shop. I am actually working on something now. A ribbon wrapped headband with a flower. I've made the braided headbands in the past and I do enjoy making them, they are just more time consuming. This way I can get items in my shop, promote them and then hopefully sell them.

This one will be for Valentine's Day. My favorite time of the year to make bows. I love pink and red. And I especially like them together like in this bow!

I also added a "You Pick Your Color" listing for the ribbon flower.

My oldest wore this red one to school the other day and received so many compliments. She had girls asking where she got it from and when she told them her mom, they thought it was "so cool". So, I have a few flowers to make for her classmates. :)

2 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

Just so cute! The ribbons, not the crap. The crap is just, well, messy.

Casey said...

Messy is an understatement!

And thanks. I like the ribbon too. :)