Road trip last week

We went to my dad's for Christmas again this year. Since Chris wasn't coming home until this week, it worked out great. We loaded up the car on Wednesday and set out for the 4.5 hour trip.

First stop... Chick-fil-a or as the little girls call it "flick-chi-lay"

I was teaching Caitlin how to use my good camera so the pictures taken in the car are from her.

We saw some really cool looking clouds on our way there. This one stretched out as far we could see. It was bright blue on one side and then white on the other. The clouds were so thin behind that puffy cloud that it looked bright white.

We were coming to the top of one of the many hills along the way and I saw a lot of smoke all of the sudden. Once we got to the other side we saw this.

And then this. The family did get out but I can't help but think about the panic that they must have felt. Notice the trunk is open. I hope they got all of their gifts out of the back so at least their kids had something to open on Christmas.

Scary. I had a car do that once. It's the scariest thing I have ever been through.

Sophie pretty much stayed like this the whole time.

While Lilly stayed like this. Constant motion. Always.

Salvaged picture. I forgot to change the settings from the night before and the picture was WAY off but I really like it in black and white.

Trucks picked up at the truck stop on the way.

They were on clearance so everyone got one.

I stepped on them approximately 1,357 times while we were there.

Sophie's boo boo from the mean concrete.

One of the many messed up pictures I took while we were there. I love this one though even if it looks terrible.

4 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

That Christmas tree picture is funky! Were you moving around when you took it? Very cool.

Casey said...

I had it on the wrong settings. It was dark and the shutter was super slow so when I moved it made it look like that. Pretty cool huh?

~Brenda said...

I really like the black and white pic!!! :)

Casey said...

Thanks! I really like it too. :)