Guess who's back? ME!

Before I EVER started pinching pennies I was a bow maker. I hinted around to it a couple of times in this blog but never did anything about it.

I love making bows. I started selling them about 4 *I think* years ago on eBay and Etsy. After that I purchased my own domain and BOOM I was selling my bows in my very own store. Soon after that I contacted a local boutique to ask them if I could sell my bows there. She loved my bows so pretty soon my bows were being sold in a real brick and mortar store. I loved it!

The owner of the boutique decided she would redo her website, making it look more professional. Since I had a web store already, she wanted to hire me to keep her website updated and to add new products. My business was growing like wildfire and I got burnt out.


So, I quit. Like just canceled my website, pulled my name from everything associated with bows and basically went on vacation for nearly 2 years. I had more ribbon than one person should ever have and it was just sitting around. I tried selling it, but it was so time consuming and not very fulfilling.

Which brings me to now.

I finally am ready to start back making them. I had forgotten just how much I really do enjoy making bows. All I needed was a swift kick in the rear a little encouragement to get me going.

So thanks Wendy! (you big ol' bully)

2 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

I bully because I care.

Casey said...

You are such a giver.