It sure pays to be thirfty!

Before my o’ so graceful fall on Saturday night, we hit up the thrift stores. There are 2 stores within 5 miles of here that I really like to go to. Goodwill and The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

1st stop… Goodwill. Found some cookies cutters, for 29 cents each, 2 super cute baskets with removable canvas liners, a Wilton silicone 12 cup muffin pan, 3 spice cabinet spinny thingys, and a devotional book for Caitlin.

The Goodwill is OK. It’s new and clean and not stinky, but I much prefer The Salvation Army because it is, seriously, like a regular store. I have bought lots of kitchen thingys from there as well as books for the kids.

2nd stop…The Salvation Army Store.

One of my favorite books we picked up there was a kids dictionary. Every time Caitlin comes in and asks me what something means, I go tell her to look it up.

“Mom? What does flabbergasted mean?”

“Go look it up.”

“Mom? How do you spell spectacular?”

“Go look it up”

“Mom? Can I have a snack?”

“Go look…. er… sure!”

You see, I love for her to find things out on her own. That way there is alsways a little schooling going on whether she realizes it or not.

I bought my hand mixer as well as my (unused ’til this day) coffee grinder from there, under 5 bucks for both! The hand mixer works like a charm. They have awesome furniture there. One day I’ll remember to bring my camera and snap some pics so you can see. It’s like 1950’s housewife meets 1990’s grunge band in there. Such a funky mix of stuff.

So on Saturday, I went in seach of dining room chairs. Our current “set” consists of the 1 wood chair left from a set of 4 (Catilin broke the other 3 by leaning back in them), 1 leather desk chair and 1 VERY uncomfortable mesh back desk chair (mine of course). I found some really nice couches, but no chairs. So we made our way back to the “appliance” section. Lots of goodies!! I just love all the older gadgets. There was a Kabob-It for 10 bucks a waffle maker for I think 3 bucks. A bagel slicer…. cause you know… knifes are sooooooo last year.

Then I saw it…. “Hello there beautiful. Do you want to come home with me?? I have been looking for you lately. It’s HOT outside and we need relief.”

What was this little beauty you ask???

None other than an ice cream maker! And one you don’t have to crank yourself. Although I would might enjoy watching the kiddos sweat a little for some yummy ice cream.


An ice cream maker for 10 bucks! In the cart you go!

Then Chris saw it… The one thing I have being DYING to get. My poor arms are about to fall off from all the work they have been doing lately…. my fingers will surely thank him for eyeing this gadget.

A BREAD MACHINE! OMG and it STILL had the manual. Score, again. Ooooo and it’s 10 bucks also. Well I hadn’t planned on spending $20+ tax on gadgets that day so I was feeling a little guilty for wanting them both. I walked around the store tying to convince myself that this is a GREAT deal. The ice cream maker was worth $30 alone! Of course while walking the store I found some other things I just had to get. A new basket for bread, a brand new solar system wooden puzzle, and 2 books for Caitlin.

The check out lines are now clear and calling my name.  I strike up a conversation with the nice lady that gets behind me….She likes my kitchen gadgets. :) Then proceeds to tell me how it’s my lucky day.

Yup. It sure is! Even though I would rather have new, I will make do with my used appliances. Thankyouverymuch. :)

“$16.38″ the man tells me.

“Oh no sir, that’s not right. It should be more than that. These alone are $10 each.”

“No mam. One has a green sticker and one has a blue. They are 50% off today”

“Wait… what?!?!?” (Hi Wendy!)

“5 bucks each. WOW!…. This IS my lucky day.”

Then later that night my luck promptly ran out and I fell and hurt my foot.

Well it was my lucky day.

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