Week ending 6/20/09

Not a great savings week this week either. A big chunk of the weekly total was for 2 large boxes of diapers. I also splurged and bought steak for dinner tonight (at least it was on markdown). Grilled steak with mushrooms, onions and capers in a red wine sauce, butterflied shrimp, smashed red potatoes, green beans and homemade bread. Chris said it was the best Father’s Day he has ever had. :)

For breakfast this morning I made homemade pancakes and sausage. I bought some heavy cream the other night since I have been wanting to try and make some homemade butter. Since I thought today was as good a day as any, I filled a jar about 1/2 way full with the cream and handed it off to Chris. About 15 minutes later, we had BUTTER! It was so cool to watch the different stages of butter forming. It made about a cup of butter and about a cup of buttermilk which I will be using for biscuits later this week.

I hope to get a menu plan up in the morning. It really helped me get things in order this week.  Anyway, here is the total for this past week.

Total for the week

Shelf Price $263.00
Price Paid $165.00
Amount Saved $99.00

That is a savings of 37%

I am really hoping to get our weekly average down to about $75 sometime soon. I know we can do it.

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