Pictures, MRIs and Ice Cream, oh my!

Whew… 2 very busy days in a row is something that I am NOT used to. I had an appoint with a specialist yesterday and they wanted me to get an MRI done on my foot. Well I thought it would be next week but the MRI place wanted me to come in today. Soooo I got up at 7:30 on a Saturday. Ugh.

MRI’s are not fun. My hips felt out of the place the whole time. Lucky for me it was an open MRI and only 1/2 of my body had to go in. All went well and I go back to see the Dr on the 29th for another follow-up. Hopefully, nothing will be wrong. The Dr. did tell me I need to start physical therapy for my foot and ankle, so that will be something I will tackle next week. 2 days of therapy a week  for 6 weeks is not something I am looking forward too. I would rather just stay in my little cave here and never leave to be honest with you.

I’m making the girls some skirts today. Nothing fancy. Just a simple skirt. It’s hot here in FL and a cool skirt is best for them. After that we are planning to get our garden going. Since this condo is just temporary, we will be planting in raised beds that can easily be taken with us. I am really excited too. I just love homegrown (homegrowed as my kids would say) veggies.

I am also gonna make some bread and ice cream today. Since the Dr. gave me a boot to wear, I am actually able to walk around a lot better so we went to the wall-to-wall mart last night. It’s brand new and so lovely. The aisles are so nice and wide. Lots of goodies and cheap too! So I picked up some cream that I needed to make the ice cream. We have some bananas in the freezer left over from a HUGE batch I got on markdown, so I am thinking banana ice cream would be just yummy! Maybe some peaches too. OooO…peach-banana ice cream. Yum.

As you know tomorrow is Father’s Day. I don’t have a thing planned. I am thinking steak sounds good and I am pretty sure Chris would not object. I found a yummy sounding recipe for chocolate malt cookies and figured “What the heck” I’ll give it a try. Chris love chocolate malt and these sound good. I think they would be pretty tasty with the ice cream as well.

I haven’t taken many pictures lately but here are a few that I took a few weeks back.

I hate how blurry this pictured turned out but she was jumping up and down so fast, my el cheapo camera couldn’t keep up. This was right as she saw the skates.

I know she doesn’t look happy in this one, but I told her to stand still and this is what I got. Yes, I know she needs a haircut. She seriously looks like a bum in her mismatched clothes as well.

Skating around the living room. Pay no attention to the unpacked boxes in the back. Don’t pay attention to the orange bench or the baby foot on the back of the couch.

The orange bench is from a kids table and benches set that my dad brought when he came to visit last month. We are HUGE Florida Gator fans around here and although I asked him to paint it a pretty red color, he thought it would look best painted in Gator orange and blue. :)  Love you Dad!

This was the view I had the other night from my computer. Chris was sacked out and the girls were jumping all over him while watching a Baby Einstein DVD. They love those movies.

So not too much going on. I will have the totals for the week posted later tonight. I am going to spend the rest of the day enjoying mi familia!

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