Back to the grind

I fully intended to have a blog post ready to publish while Chris was home but once again, my intentions were better than my actions. I get so wrapped up on when he will be home that my mind just kinda goes to mush about a week before he actually gets home.

He was scheduled to be home the Wednesday before New Years. He got home New Years Eve. That was cutting it close.

It's so nice to have him home. Everything just flows better. He is so even tempered and well... I'm not.

I know for certain I am a much better parent when he is around.

He was scheduled to go back out on Wednesday but on Tuesday he got a text message from his co-driver saying that his license was suspended. What's more is that it had been since the 15th of December! Oh my word.

Chris has been wanting a new co-driver for a while. The guy he is with should NOT be driving a truck. This bit of information was perfect! Surely he would be fired if the company found out his license was suspended. Not to mention he had just gotten into an incident at a truck stop where he hit another driver's trailer and ripped the hinges off the doors.

Yeah he shouldn't be driving.

So as of this moment, Chris is sitting in the safety department of his carrier explaining to them why he needs another co-driver. 

2 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

I like the new look of the blog!

I hope your hubby gets a new driving partner!

Casey said...

Thanks! I couldn't think of anything, but I think this works pretty well.