What's with all the inefficiency?

This is a truckers wife rant, if you don't want to hear it, feel free to hit the back button.

Today was just one of those days. Those days that I absolutely hate my husbands job.

He has been gone for a week and a half now. He was stuck in TN for a few days and then sent on a wild goose chase to find his new truck. The truck was in NC, over 6 hours away.

Luckily his new partner had his car with him so they were able to drive to the truck instead of taking a bus. They get to the truck and it obviously has been in some sort of wreck. Now they have to drive the truck somewhere to get it fixed before they can even accept a load. Not to mention they have an expired IFTA sticker. That means when his company finds out, they will have him drive all the way back to the terminal and pick up the stickers and paperwork. More wasted time

I will never understand how an industry that deals with time sensitive deliveries, has no concern for a drivers time. One department doesn't have a clue what the other department is doing. They have trucks and trailers just scattered around and don't have a clue where they are.

One department told Chris the truck was good to go, meaning everything was in order and once they get to the truck, they would be ready to roll. Another department said they had the truck flagged as needing work done before it could be put back into the fleet. Still another department said that the truck just had maintenance done but that it was still flagged for some reason as needing maintenance.

Why do they not have a program that allows them to bring up all the info needed on a particular truck. Why does one department say one thing and others say something completely different? Why is an industry that prides itself on being efficient when getting you your product, so inefficient in the way they keep track of their business?

I know I haven't been around the business long enough to know the in and outs of it, but I will tell you this. I worked in the mortgage business for over 5 years as a loan processor. The largest pipeline I ever had was somewhere close to 250 mortgages. That's 250 mortgages that I was responsible for at any one time. I ran a tight ship and knew EXACTLY where a piece of paper was in a file that was as thick as a phone book. I was efficient.

I had to be!!

Being inefficient wasn't an option. I have to wonder, is every trucking company like this? Do they not know what is going on between departments? How can a company survive with such inefficiency?

See, told you this was a rant. But I sure feel better after getting all that out.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like that company could use your skills! :)

Casey said...

I know right! :P