Fresh bread, coffee and time-outs

Monday morning started out fabulously. I set my bread machine the night before so I could have some cinnamon bread first thing in the morning. Let me just tell y'all...Waking up to bread baking has to be one of the most happy inducing smells EVER! Let's not forget the coffee maker that was starting to brew my first cup of the day as well. My house had never smelled so good in the morning!

Once the kids got up and moving around, my house literally felt like a circus. No one woke up as happy as I did. Maybe one day they will realize what an awesome smell fresh bread and coffee is first thing in the morning.

Since they have been awake, there have been 85,634 fights with just as many time-outs.

Kicking, pulling hair, stepping on fingers and calling names all before 11am.

Can I go back to bed?

Lilly and her crayon lipstick

2 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

Oh. My. Please tell me that it was washable crayons?

Casey said...

Isn't that a lovely shade of red? She was quite pleased with herself.