Goals are meant to be broken, right?

So I set this goal for myself to blog everyday. Well it's already been broken.

I have such a habit of that! Maybe I should make a goal like "My goal is to break this goal in 2 weeks". Now there's a goal I could keep. Or would I?


We haven't really been doing anything around the house lately. At least nothing exciting.

I have been working on bows and hair clips. I'll post them here tomorrow if I remember.

OH! I do have a picture of Lilly from the other night at dinner that I think you will enjoy.

You're welcome. :)

2 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

What are you feeding that kid?! Or is it what you're puttin' in her sippy cup?

Casey said...

She makes *the* funniest faces! There was a whole series of pics that were like this that night. She cracks me up!