Random Foto Friday

I recently found a disk containing some pictures from my husbands laptop.

I found LOTS of pictures I had forgotten about. I thought I would share some today.

Aren't you lucky? :)

I can't imagine why I never posted this picture. Isn't it lovely?

Chris likes to teach the girls to NOT be scared of bugs. Cause I am a big ol' chicken when it comes to creatures like this. 

Welcome to Jacksonville. 

Good thing they caught up to her. I was too busy taking pictures obviously. 

The first picture was zoomed in. Here you can see how far she ran from us. She's a fast little booger. 

Some restaurant Chris ate at while on the road.

Sunrise somewhere in the U.S. 

Sunset somewhere in U.S. I think this is somewhere in KY or TN. I know I have seen this cross before.

How's this for random. I have lots of pictures to go through. Chris has taken lots over the past year, but some just are too blurry.

4 people had something to say:

Wendy said...

Yeah, thanks for the nightmares I'm going to have about that spider tonight.

How do you write on the photos like that? Can you 'splain in an email to me and use small words?

Casey said...

Aw those are harmless spiders but don't they look FREAKY!! That is the back of it and it totally looks like skeletor!

2 words... Adobe Photoshop.

Wendy said...

Oh sure, just leave your reply here so I have to come searching for it. I see how you are.

And crap. I don't have photoshop.

Casey said...

Oh, use Picnik then. I think that will work.