Saturday with the kids

On Saturday I took the kids to the park for a picnic and some much needed play time. It was a GORGEOUS day outside and there was no way I was staying indoors!

I took my camera and made sure the battery was charged and do you know I didn't take one picture. We got to the park and started to eat when everyone decided they had to go potty. Figures. Luckily I had some diapers in the car so I slapped a couple on the little ones. I don't think they ever went in them though. Anyway we finished eating and then came straight home.

The park was packed and I don't think I would have been able to keep an eye on them both AND take pictures. We settled for our little neighborhood playground and they loved it just as much. Play time was cut a little short when Lilly got a splinter, but after all that running they were pretty worn out.

Back in December we drove down to St. Augustine to see the Night of Lights display they have. Oh my word it was packed. They had the main roads closed off so we couldn't even get close enough to take pictures. Lucky for me they keep the lights up until the end of January!

We decided to take a little ride down there Saturday night and look at the lights sans crowds and road blocks. This is definitely the way to do it! There was so little traffic, I was able to stop on the road and get some pretty good shots.

This was NOT one of them. :) I was going to delete this one but Caitlin likes how it looks, so it stays.

We were going to ride the carousel, but the sign clearly says no pets allowed.

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Wendy said...

Pretty pictures! Ooooo...

Casey said...

Thanks chica!