New name, new stuff

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I just made myself a new goal.

Blog everyday, even if it's just to say HI!

I neglected this blog for a while because with life changes comes blog changes. I started a new blog. This one was more personal. It was about my new life as a truckers wife. A truckers wife with 3 kids at home trying to used to their daddy being gone for 6 weeks at a time. Compelling stuff I tell ya.

My life suddenly went from organized couponer with a rock solid budget to a frazzled wife trying to keep it together in my day to day life. My life, in essence, took a complete 180.

I considered abandoning this blog and just keeping my other one since I wasn't really doing any heavy duty shopping. Chris was always the one to go get the papers on Sunday while I cooked breakfast. Sunday afternoons were spent playing with the kids while I matched, clipped and sorted the coupons. Now I just get a paper if I remember or I'll print out the occasional coupon from online.

I don't have a budget anymore. I don't know from one week to the other how much Chris will make. I actually just reinstalled some budgeting software last night in hopes to at least track where our money is going. We essentially have two households here. One at home and one on the road. Keeping track of expenses takes time and I have just been too lazy busy to do it.

The thought of putting my personal rant of being a truckers wife kinda worried me.

I ranted.

I complained.

I said thing I wouldn't normally say on my serious, budgeting blog.

I needed to get things off my chest and without anyone to talk to, the blog was my catch all.

I started thinking that maybe I should just start a new blog. A random, catchall blog that really had no meaning.

But after realizing how much work it would be to start all over much consideration, I decided to keep this blog and just transfer my other blog posts here. Hence the new look and name.

This will now be my place to share my real life. Both sides of me that were once separated online.

I may come across as negative. I really don't care. When your life does a back flip and suddenly your husband is gone for 6 weeks at a time and you have 3 kids to take care of on a wage so low that it would make your head spin, THEN you will see why I am the way I am.

I don't love the situation we are in at the moment, but aren't in this for the moment. We are in this for the long run. It will get better, but right now, I am just keeping it real.

And sometimes, real... sucks big time.

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