Busy as a bee

Whew... yesterday was a very busy day for me. We were planning on going up to Harris Teeter last night to get most of our grocery shopping done since it's triple coupons this week. I had to get dinner done early. I started it at about 1 pm. Spaghetti with meat sauce. Yum. Made a double batch so I can freeze the extra and I made a batch of bread.

Christian begged me to put the ground flax seed in there like I have done before so of course I did. The bread was glorious again. I made this loaf bigger so it could be used for sandwiches for lunch today.

We did really good at HT last night. It was quiet in there which is always good, but they were out of about 20 things I had on my list. Caitlin and I will go back tomorrow when the new coupons come out.

All in all we spent $107 for $277 worth of groceries. Not too shabby. I'll post this week's totals tonight.

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