Over it...

Well I am over my little tantrum I had earlier. I feel better getting that out. I think it was therapeutic even.

After I posted, Christian called and said he was on his way home and boy was I glad. We had a talk and I feel much better and I think he understands how I was feeling. He loaded up Lillian and took her to the recycling center with him and Caitin went back out to play while I put Sophie down for a nap.

When he got home he called about the apartment we wanted to move into and they told us we were APPROVED!!

I can't tell you how relieved I am. It is truly like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. This apartment has served it purpose, but now it's time to move onto bigger, better and cheaper things!

Tonight I am figuring the totals for all the shopping done this week. Since I have started entering them as soon as I get them, it shouldn't take too long. We just need to make 1 more trip before the week is over and the new sales start.

I just heard that Harris Teeter, one of my favorite stores, is having triples again this coming week. I really hope it includes our store here in FL. The store I go to is the only HT in the whole state. I have to plan to go there since it takes about 40 mins to get there.

There is NO way we could get as many groceries as we do without going there. And it also gives me some one on one time with Caitlin. She loves to shop with me and I feel like she is learning to be a little more responsible with money.

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