I love bread

I love it! Love love love bread. It loves me back. Seriously. It told me.

I just made the most delicious bread EVER. And I have made lots of bread. I saw the recipe on another blog and had to try it. I made a few adjustments and it worked perfectly.

6.5 cups of flour
3 cups of warm water
1.5 tbs of yeast
1 tbs table salt (the recipe called for kosher but I am out)
approx. 1.5 tbs sugar (My own addition, and would be awesome with honey too!)

Mix the yeast, salt, sugar and water in a large bowl. Stir until dissolved. Add flour and stir. It's a very wet dough and hard to stir so I did knead it a couple of times just to get all the flour incorporated. Let dough rise until doubled.

I went ahead and greased 4 loaf pans. The original recipe says you can refrigerate and then just take off whatever amount you want to bake for the day or whatever. I just went ahead and planned on baking all of it today. What can I say.... I like to bend the rules. Tee hee.

Once the dough was doubled, I divided into 4 equal parts and turned the dough in my hands to form a smooth top. Remember, this is a NO knead bread but we want it to look pretty. I placed each section into the greased pans and let it double once more.

Preheat to 450 degrees and then bake for about 10 mins then lower the oven to 395 degrees and bake until done. They should be nice and golden brown on the top. I did brush on a little melted butter when the loaves had about 5 mins or so left to cook. Yummy...

I didn't do what the recipe called for when it came to the steam cooking method. I am not a fan of hard crusty bread. I like nice soft bread. This bread is a mix between the 2. The most amazing crispy crust and yummy moist bread on the inside.

I figured for 4 loaves of bread, it maybe, maybe cost around a buck. And I think that is a VERY liberal estimate.

I am making these to go with dinner tonight. Don't they sound yummy??

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Wendy said...

Mmmm... Bread... I just started making a no knead bread, but it takes about 24 hours to make, so not exactly something you can start at the last minute. I really like the idea of being able to put the dough in the 'fridge and use it when needed! I might just have to try this one!

Casey said...

I am gonna make another batch today. It's just so gosh darn easy! We have about 1/2 a loaf from the 1st batch I made. We are having that as garlic bread tonight with dinner.

Wendy said...

Will you send me some? :o)