So I am slacking. I have a stack of receipts I need to go through and I just don't feel like it right now. I have been working on my coupon binder lately and man o man, it sure is a lot of work.

I used to use one of these. It was very difficult to use. Easy to sort, but took lots and lots of time to find coupons.

And now I am doing this....

With these on the inside.

So each type of product has their own little pocket. Making it sooooo much easier to find them. I can just flip through and see exactly what coupons I have.


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Wendy said...

Getting all fancy with the coupon organizer, are we? Oh, how I love a good coupon... I just wish at least one store around here would double them!

Have you been getting online coupons, too? I get a bunch at coupons(dot)com and I've even checked out some of the brand name's websites and gotten some great ones that way.

Happy couponing!

Casey said...

HAHA... yes very fancy.

I will have to try that site. Some of our stores around here don't accept the printed ones. Weird.