Budgeting 101

I started a new budgeting program to help us get our spending under control. Well.... wait. It's never been out of control. Or so I thought. We live very modestly. VERY. But I wasn't raised that way. I never had to want for anything. I think that may have carried over to my adult life.

Fast forward X amount of years to now..... I haven't balanced my checkbook in... oh... about 15 years. Yeah.... I had to pick my jaw up too. I haven't been tracking our spending like I should have been and now, just within the last 4 days, I can see where our problem areas are and where we really need to be cutting back. My dad recently gave me a book entitled, "The Money Answer Book: Quick Answers To Your Everyday Financial Questions" by Dave Ramsey. I love this little book. It has put things into perspective big time. There is an answer for everything in this book.... seriously.

So the point I was getting to was that I started a budgeting system, a plan so to speak. A program. But with 10 steps not 12. Thank GOD I don't need a 12 step programs. Whew...

The program is called "You Need a Budget" or YNAB and it is truly my saving grace. I bought it, installed it, and had a budget in place in less than an hour. And that included a video tutorial!!

It's really VERY easy to follow and they even have a trial period if you don't want to fork out the moolah at the moment. Oh, and they have a money back guarantee!! Yippie!!

Go try it. I hope it will work for you.

P.S. Thank you to the ladies on the GG that talked about this program. Muah!

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Wendy said...

I think I'm afraid of that program... Do I really want to know where the money is going? EEEK!

PamperingBeki said...

Living on a budget can be so eye opening!!

My husband and I did it for the first 7 or so years we were married. We don't use it as strictly now, but I'm sure we've slacked a bit too.